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Readers Respond: The Trick to Having Twins in "The Sims 2"

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Twins can be born in "The Sims 2" naturally. No hacks or cheats are required. But you could be waiting a long time. Some Simmers swear by cookies. For others it's cheesecake. What's your secret to having twins?


i'm young and kinda new to cheats and all, but to get twins i dont know if you need the expansion packs or not, cause i have nightlife,open for buisness, and pets, not counting sims 2 but i used the cheat box and typed in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and i got the tumbstone of L&D an used forcetwins from there.
—Guest Anj

twins w/ secondary aspiration

if you have free time you go to the sims rewards and you see a image click on it and a blue menu comes up click the family panel 4 times (they have 2 have family aspiration/secondary aspiration) and then when you get to the top it says super fertility then u have a better chance of bein preggers w/ twins
—Guest angela


twins dont come really easy to me I have Nightlife and University and I have Tried most of the basic ones and even a one where you had to exit the game 20 times to have twins the only reason I go twins was just waiting and had twins normally
—Guest Nix


i just type them all at the same time ,force twins twinsr2cute and twinzr2cute
—Guest axel

in my opinion

write forcetwins in the cheat bar, its that simple!
—Guest Alison Linnins


my sim has just had twins naturally....with out cheats. my sim had a baby boy and while he was still a baby my sims woohoo'ed then tried for another baby. then when she had them they were twin girls. was shocked!
—Guest laura

Changing Gender and Having Twins

To cheat to have twins just open up the cheat box and then type forcetwins into the box. It always works and you don't have to have open for buisness for it to, because all I had on my computer was Pets and Nightlife. It works for me to type it in when my sim mother is moaning and about to have the baby. I pause the game then type it in. The way I change the gender of the baby when its born, is I pause the game when the mother starts moaning and before the box about the stork comes up, and I save the game, then have the baby, and if its not the gender I want I don't save the game and I try again, beacuse the game picks up right when she's moaning. The gender does change because I do it all the time, and it works for all the Sim games even just the Sims 2.
—Guest Team Edward

Tricks to having Twins

Well, what I usually do is type in the neighbourhood view boolprop testingcheatsenabled tue, because if you type in there, you can slide the skill bars up and indervidually slide the mative bars. Then, I click my pregnent sim and shift click her. There, I click spawn-tombstone of L & D. When the tombstone appears, there should be an option to forcetwins. I found I needed some expansion packs for forcetwins to appear. However, speed up my pregnency was always there (Can speed up the birth to just a few minutes) Another option is to wait till she's moaning, and type in the cheat bar BoolProp forcetwins 100. This SHOULD work, but no garantee. Another option is to make her eat lots of spagetti. Or cheesecake, but I've actually seen spagetti work. I don't know how to force boy and girl twins. Good luck! :]
—Guest Dana

My trick

I tried using forcetwins, but I do think you need an expansion pack to use that cheat. But for my sim I just made sure she ate a lot of spaghetti and she ended up having twins.
—Guest Sydney

Twins and Choosing Genders

There are three cheats to get twins: twinsr2cute, twinzr2cute, and forcetwins. Forcetwins has always worked for me, even before I had OFB, however, your game may work differently, so I suggest entering all three. To ensure that a boy(s) will be born, enter boolprop forceboys 100 in the cheat bar. To insure a girl(s) will be born, enter boolprop forcegirls 100. Best of luck, everyone. Now you don't have to reload if you didn't get the gender you wanted.
—Guest Ilaria

Having Twins or Triplets

My trick to having twins or triplets are to go to lifetime rewards and if you have 10,000 for your lifetime rewards you can pick fertility treatment for your lifetime reward you have a better chance of having twins or triplets.It worked for me.
—Guest Dawny


-Once your female Sim is pregnant make her and her partner WooHoo several times. -Open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and enter forcetwins. -Twins have a 10% higher chance of having twins.
—Guest Natalie

Getting Twin Sims

Well I have been trying to get twins using cheats for EVER and I have to say, with the Sims 2 alone it just doesn't work. I guess you have to have a special expansion pack like Apartment life or Open for Business.
—Guest SierraJaneSims

Change name or force twins, by cheating

Of course, you can cheat to either force twins, or to change your baby(s) name(s) later. Typing "ForceTwins" into the cheat bar (control + shift + c to get cheat bar up) when the lullaby plays will get you twins. To change your sims' name, type in "BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled True". Then press shift and click on your sim (toddler, teen, YA, adult or elder) (press shift and click at the same time). Choises should appear. Click "more" at the top, the "spawn", then "Tombstone of L and D". a tombstone should appear next to your sim. Click on it, and you should get a whole lot of options. Click "more" and there should be an option "Rename Sim". Make sure the active sim (the one with the PlumbBob over its head) is the one whose name you want to change! If it is, then click on "Rename Sim" a box should pop up saying "The new baby has arrived, and this bouncing baby needs a name!" Type in the name you want, click on the check mark, and there you have it!
—Guest Alisabella

Twin Parents

Dina had identical twin boys in my game. I think that if the parent is a twin, there is a higher chance. So...Dina or Nina should have a higher chance of having twins. Before that, one male sim was abducted by aliens and had boy-girl twins.
—Guest PlasticOstrich


Press ctrl shift C then type 'Forcetwins' whilst using your pregnant sim.
—Guest Sally

Getting your sim to have twins

I know this works if you have Apartment Life, but I'm not sure otherwise. It wouldn't hurt to try, thouh. Once your sim becomes pregnant, you can perform a cheat. Pull up the cheat bar (ctrl+shift+c). Use this cheat: boolProp testingcheatsenabled true Then hold shift while clicking on the pregnant sim. Then choose the option that says Force Twins. If you don't see it, you may have to click the More... option and then you'll see it. This is a great cheat, and it also helps with other things. With this cheat, you can max your sim's LTA (lifetime achievement) score, give them zspiration points, etc. Enjoy!
—Guest Sassa

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