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Readers Respond: You Know You're Addicted to "The Sims" When...

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You know youre addicted to the sims when

you wake up in the morning, start playing the sims and beofre you know it its getting dark
—Guest Ben

You Know You're Addicted to "The Sims"..

when you think that in a while your fun bar will be full and then your mood is good enough for improving your skills.
—Guest Sara

you know you play the sims too much when

you find yourself humming the build/buy mode tunes to yourself when shopping for furniture or choosing wallpaper.
—Guest jess

You Know You're Addicted When....

You know you're addicted to The Sims when you start wishing your Sims home is your home in real life.
—Guest Julia


You know you're addicted to Sims 3 when you're dreaming about real people who have the little green diamond-icon over their heads.
—Guest Lori

You know you're addicted to Sims when

you start worrying about your Sims health when you should be concentrating on your work at school.
—Guest Jodie

Simmies ^.^

You know you;re addicted ot The Sims when you wear t-shirts that say, "Boolpropian."
—Guest Natalie

You know you're addicted to the sims

when you start speaking Simlish some of the time!!
—Guest Geran

picture sims

when I picture on what sims I want to make in my mind.
—Guest Nicky

You know you're addicted when...

you cry when your sim mom catches on fire from lack of cooking skill points. Now who will make the kids grilled cheese!
—Guest Sam

You know you're addicted when...

you have a dream and everyone in it, including yourself is a sim.
—Guest Secrets

You're addicted when

You say you will stop playing at two, but then at 1:59 you say you meant three
—Guest Jules

you know you're addicted the sims when

you dont know whether to buy a laptop or ps3 just to play the sims so i desided to buy a laptop just to play the sims!!!
—Guest stef

u know ur adicted to sims

when u play ur oun house and ake u and all ur family and play all the time
—Guest Kaitlin


ya i think sometimes:"i wish i could build that in the sims"or:"i wish that sofa would be in the sims"
—Guest muzzy the muzzlum

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