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Readers Respond: You Know You're Addicted to "The Sims" When...

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Play "The Sims" too much and you'll find yourself thinking about the game even when you are awhile from the computer. It starts out simple. Maybe you'd love to have an sofa you see at the store in the game. Then before you know it, you're cooking the same thing for lunch as your Sim.

Addicted To The Sims....

When you wish you could hit the three speed butten while at work!
—Guest Docter Muffin

You know you're addicted to sims 3 when

you think about what moodlets you would have in your current situation
—Guest Emily

My sims addiction

You know your addicted to the sims when you stay up all night a couple of nights a week and it does not seem that long and when you've lost 10 lbs in the month you've had it because suddenly eating and sleeping in my real life don't matter.
—Guest Amanda

You Know You're Addicted to "The Sims"

when after playing you go to bed and start dreaming of going through the house you just played in.
—Guest Elle

Addicted to SIMS when...

you are broke and wish ctrl+shift+c"motherlode" real did work. =p
—Guest Janet

you know you're addicted to sims 3 when

your mom sim is in labor and you're nearly falling out of your chair in excitement
—Guest kitty :]

Keeping up with the jones'

. . . if you have ever duplicated your own neighborhood, people, and your own Sims keeps up with the jones' too . . .

Jay Leno

. . . if you have ever over enhanced, jay leno's chin . . .


. . . If you make a David Letterman Sim, live out the top ten reasons for being addicted to Sims . . . .

Celebrity Sim

. . . if you make a Celeb Sim, poor and famished . . .


. . . . you have a pretend relationship with a sim . . . .


. . . when you rely on the Sim's game for your building projects . . . .

dead sims

. . you actually shed a tear over a deceased sim . . .

when bored

if you are tired of normal human talk rhetoric, instead of the Charlie Brown teacher wah wah you hear simlage . . .
—Guest Jeremy

You Know When Your Addicted to Sims when

you right down a list of names for babies and a journal for the family! lol
—Guest Car

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